Agile Classrooms offers a series of workshops to empower you to create an school culture of Agility.  From the classroom, professional learning communities, and education technology, we can help you with the skills you need for your school to breakthrough the 21st Century and break out of legacy ways that are holding you back.

Agile Classroom Teacher 



The Certified Agile Classroom Teacher (ACT) is an in-depth one day immersion into the world of Agile Classrooms. The course is full of practical, real world techniques, which can be implemented immediately in your classroom, project-based learning program, club, after school program, or teacher team.  An Agile Classroom is better experienced than explained, so, this class extremely hands on and interactive.  




  • A paradigm shift in how you look at learning that reinvigorates the passion for teaching & learning

  • A simpler, lighter, and more empowering way to run student projects

  • Transform from instructor to inspirational servant-leader, facilitator, and coach for your students' journey to self-directed learners

  • A sense of pride in seeing your students become self-directed learners and support each other in doing so

  • Your classroom will become a exemplar model of 21st Century Skills , becoming radically empowered and collaborative

  • Your classrooms will achieve higher order thinking and deeper levels of knowledge

  • Discover new found freedom to decide how to teach and learn while still aligning to curriculum and standards

  • Gain authentic 21st Century Skills so students can thrive in academics, life, and career

  • Your students will standout to universities and employers with Agile on their transcript and resume

  • Enrich relationships between students, teachers, administration, and parents by amplifying clarity, trust and reliability

  • Unlock hidden strengths and passions of teachers and students

  • Go beyond knowledge transfer to emergent knowledge generated from rich collaboration

  • Grow social and emotional intelligence throughout all learning so students become the constructive leaders and global citizens

  • Accelerate your classroom's learning, responsiveness, and adaptability 


Who Should Attend
  • Teachers, teaching assistants, and paraprofessionals

  • Principals, Assistant Principals, and other school leaders

  • Student Leaders

  • Instructional and 21st Century Learning Coaches

  • Curriculum Directors and Staff

  • Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and other District Leaders


Agile Education Technology 



Agile is used by some of the most innovative companies in the world, such as Google, Facebook, and Spotify to develop products that customers love. Learn how Agile can help your Education Technology Department develop a culture of innovation that delights the school community, rapidly delivers valuable solutions, and flows with the changing needs of your educational organization. Most importantly, you become leaders and role models of 21st Century Skills to your school community. This is a fun and interactive session that will provide you the core concepts to implement Agile and 21st Century leadership. 




  • Become inspirational leaders and role models of 21st Century Skills that inspire your school community

  • Gracefully respond and adapt to the changes of your education community

  • Create a learning-centered culture built on trust, innovation, and collaboration

  • Shift from a monolithic education technology solutions to ones that are differentiated for the diverse

    needs of your school community

  • Unleash the hidden strengths and passions of your staff

  • Gain shared commitment from all school community members on “doing the right thing” for students

  • Release value sooner and more frequently 

  • Decrease waste and become more effective

  • Gain student, parent, and school administration trust and confidence

  • Pivot from a cost center to an innovation center

  • Effectively and sustainably balance operations with projects

  • Deliver the highest value to your school community more frequently 


Who Should Attend


  • Directors of Education Technology/Chief Information Officers

  • Technical Managers & Staff

  • Technology Coaches

  • School Leadership

"Our students are beginning to open up and take ownership. They have never been exposed to something like this and can really see the value in what they are doing. It has a lot of meaning and purpose now."

- Anthony Scanio, Principal, Blueprint High School

Hear It From Our Clients

"Using Agile Classrooms has been the most powerful conduit to broaden my students learning. Really I was lost on how to empower my students towards developing deep learning.  It offered me the chance to design my classroom experience in a visually more efficient, productive and self-directed way."

- Chris Scott, Social Studies Teacher, Santa Ynez School

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