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American School in Vietnam Wonder Ca
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The Wonder Cafe is a structured, expedient, and light way for students and staff to have discussions on topics that are important to them.  In groups, participants write questions or topics they wonder about, want to discuss, or want help in.  The Wonder Cafe gives everyone voice and choice to explore their wonder moments.


Wonder Cafe is great for reviews, inquiry based learning, learner-driven professional development, and to make meetings fun and relevant.


It is based on Lean Coffee by Jim Benson and adapted for schools.



Wonder Cafe Tutorial


Download the Wonder Cafe setup cards here. Just add some curious guests.

Wonder Cafe Cards.001
Wonder Cafe Cards.003
Wonder Cafe Cards.004
Wonder Cafe Cards.007
Wonder Cafe Cards.008
Wonder Cafe Cards.006
Wonder Cafe Cards.005
Wonder Cafe Cards.009
Wonder Cafe Cards.010
Wonder Cafe Cards.012
Wonder Cafe Cards.013
Wonder Cafe Cards.014
Wonder Cafe Cards.015
Wonder Cafe Cards.011
Wonder Cafe Cards.002

Wonder Cafe Tutorial



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