Agile Classrooms Teacher Certification
The mindset and practical methods to infusing Agile in your classroom for authentic 21st century learning! August 11 -13, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST.
Aug 11, 2020, 11:00 AM EDT – Aug 13, 2020, 4:00 PM EDT
Online, interactive, instructor led


Too many educators want to innovate and provide a 21st-century learning environment for their students. Yet, these aspirational intentions often falter because they are not practical enough for when the rubber hits the road in your school or your students. Or schools adopt new "21st Century" programs but quickly discover these approaches operate from the same old 20th-century schooling mindset dressed up in modern buzz words.  Stop being disappointed and frustrated, you want more joy and engagement for you and your students. The world needs educators and students ready to adapt to anything. Enter Agile Classrooms.

In this online course, John Miller, one of the first pioneers of Agile in Education,  will go beyond concepts and platitudes, and show you how to apply Agile practically to your class or course.  He will share with you the latest thinking and practices of Agile Education to bring 21st Century Learning to life. The course is hands-on, interactive, and practical with high energy, countless exercises, and amazing takeaways. Many books and programs lecture on what modern learning should be like, Agile Classrooms shows you how to do it.



  • Explore the context and relevancy of Agile in modern learning and life.

  • Describe the dynamic relationships between teachers and students in a Self-Organizing Classroom.

  • Use the My World Map for students to build positive relationships and teams.

  • Design team agreements to nurture a learning culture of trust and empowerment.

  • Use the Agile Classroom Framework on a team project so you can have hands-on experience of what self-organized learning looks and feels like. 


  • The Mindset: Unpack the Agile in Education Mindset using the Agile in Education Compass.

  • The Map: Use the Agile Classroom Learning Zones to map your journey. Determine what Agile Classrooms looks like in each of the four learning zones:

    1. Traditional Learning​

    2. Independent Learning

    3. Cooperative Learning

    4. Self-Organzied Learning

  • The Elements:  Unpack the four Agile Classroom Elements so that you are empowered to configure Agile Classrooms to the context of your school and students.

    1. Visualize Learning​ - Design your Learning Canvas and select the artifacts most useful for your class

    2. Learning Sprint - Design your Learning Sprint 

    3. Grow Collaboration using the Collaboration Spectrum, a scaffold approach to shift from isolated learning to collaborative learning.

    4. Grow Self-Direction Spectrum to incrementally scaffold student self-directedness and safely release responsibility.

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