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The Alliance Canvas Agile Classrooms

The first step in empowering students might be to shift from giving rules proviing a space for students to create their own agreements. We call this Designing the Alliance. 


The Alliance Canvas© is a practical tool to create an intentional classroom culture. It is a living artifact, guiding learners in desiging their own agreements. It is highly visible throughout their learning so that learners hold themselves and each other accountable and live out the desired culture. 


It can be used for the whole classroom, learning teams, and the individual student to form their alliance in learning, positive relationships, and safety for all. 

Say bye to classroom rules and hello to a student-driven culture.


The Alliance Canvas Cover
The Alliance Canvas Cover

The Alliance Canvas Cutout
The Alliance Canvas Cutout

Alliance Canvas Team
Alliance Canvas Team

Alliance Canvas Example Teacher Team

The Alliance Canvas Cover
The Alliance Canvas Cover


"We use this for our classroom agreements and student teams. I'm amazed how this simple tools helped shape a culture of positivity and mutual accountability." 

- Megan, High School English Teacher



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